A Brief Introduction of the New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week and Paris, Milan and London Fashion week are known as the four biggest fashion weeks in the world, held twice a year in February and the following spring and summer fashion week in September. In recent years, New York Fashion week has been sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Motor Company, so it is also known as Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week.

In 1943, due to the impact of the second World War, an expert in the fashion industry can not go to Paris to watch the French fashion show, New York Fashion week came into being in the United States. It also became the world’s oldest fashion week.

In its early days, New York Fashion week featured American designers whose designs had been ignored by professional fashion reports. Interestingly, fashion buyers were initially not allowed to watch fashion shows; they had to visit designers’ showrooms.

New York Fashion week has been a success with the time goes by, Vogue magazine, fulling of French fashion coverage, has also stepped up its coverage of the American fashion industry.

In 1993, the New York Fashion week hosted in Manhattan at Bryant Park in New York , held in white tents, only invited buyers, insiders, the media and celebrities can enter.

September 10th , 2009 New York Spring and Summer Fashion week opens in New York, USA. Nearly 100 global fashion brands and well-known designers gather here to release the latest fashion trends in the following year in the next eight days. Bring spring to the people who are still in the haze of the financial crisis.

During the fashion week , 63 runway show will be held in three giant tents in New York ‘ s Manhattan Bryant Park , and another 12 runway show dispersed in other parts of New York , up from the last quarter , according to the fashion week ‘ s senior vice president , Wayne Maris .”The next week is going to be fantastic,” Maris said. Fashion has begun to improve, and we all look forward to seeing a more dynamic industry. “

During fashion week, leading international designers Michael Coles, Dean von Fielstenberg, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Max Azriah will all show off their new season. And young designers who are budding but not yet on the threshold of New York Fashion week are also actively organizing their own fashion shows, promoting brands and expanding their influence.According to the American Fashion designers Association, New York City will have more than 250 fashion shows of all sizes and sizes in the eight days from October to 17th. Steven Kolb, president of the association, told reporters: “This fashion feast is an opportunity for young and innovative designers that can’t be missed.”

September 17, 2009, “2010 New York Spring and Summer Fashion week” with the last spring fashion show successfully concluded. The fashion week released many new spring and summer features of the season, belt, jewelry and other accessories become the new season’s favorite. On the last day of fashion week, Ralph Lauren and others show up and make their final strong pitch. Designers have chosen leather, goatskin, long-sleeved and black elements in their designs that seem to “run counter” to the seasons, as if to suggest that people’s changing weather is unpredictable. It’s like a financial crisis that caught you off guard.

Although the material is closer to autumn and winter, the leather prepared for the next spring in color more choose scorched yellow, silver and white and other bright colors, more luxurious. More designers use enhanced perspective of hollow leather. Against the economic downturn, designers also need to think about how to get buyers to take the initiative to “pay,” with their unique accessories becoming a good helper for them. In the famous designer Mark Jacob’s show, the appearance of hair decorated with small pearls is novel and chic; the appearance rate of belt is also very high, ranging from material to width, and even become an indispensable decoration on evening dress and high waistline swimsuit.

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